Mishalak (mishalak) wrote in rasff,

Best of the New 'Zines

I was thinking the other day about how journals are in many ways a new form of Per 'Zine. And then I started wondering what the best blogs about fandom and science fiction are. I read james_nicoll and he's pretty good about bringing up interesting points about the state of sci-fi and fantasy writing, but are there journals or blogs I should check out? About fandom or about fantasy/science fiction.

On livejournal I'm reading these fannish groups: anonymousclaire, coloradogeeks, con_central, denvention3, fanthropology, gay_geeks, rasff (of course), rasfw, and worldcons. The pretty fannish journals I've found are peteyoung, filkerdave, gerisullivan, james_nicoll, jonsinger, taffbug, and vicarage. James Nicoll is the most active of those.
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