Form from the chaos... (the_changeling) wrote in rasff,
Form from the chaos...

UK - Video Collection FREE TO GOOD HOME

We have a 3000 plus home videoed Film & TV collection if anyone wants it.

It is an eclectic mix: heavy on SF (All Dr Whos etc) and TV Drama. 3000 plus tapes, long play, so each is 8 hours viewing time. Fully catalogued on index card, some cross-referencing. It makes it three deep onto a huge IKEA book case (approx 6.5 X 9 X 1.5 feet) and the book case is included if you wish.

Taken from TV/Cable feed over several years. Must find good home or will be skipped. :-( Can no longer be accommodated as must clear hall space to allow electric wheelchair access. Please feel free to mention details on as appropriate.

Collect only: Bedford, UK.

morgangallagher at hotmail dot co dot uk
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